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A life-long love of music, art and nature drives the basis of Linda Davis’ three decades of work with low-income elders. Having had a diverse career, she currently serves as Assistant Vice President of AHEPA Management Company, (an affordable senior housing management company serving 5,000 low-income elders in 22 states) where she is responsible for development, oversight and quality assurance of the Service Coordination Department for the firm. As a founding member of the Aging, Wellness and the Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting opportunities in creativity and meaningful living for low-income elders living in community, Ms. Davis is able to further her mission to empower older adults to continue to live fulfilling lives. She has created several innovative programs to provide opportunities in the fine arts and life-long-learning.


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Linda Duncan Davis, Gerontologist Co-Founder

Marvin Hardiman          President

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Joyce Cunningham, Secretary/Treasurer

Helen Kivnick, Ph.D.           Co-Founder/ Vice President

Helen Kivnick has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Michigan and is professor of Social Work at the University of Minnesota. In  her book Vital Involvement in Old Age (1986), Dr. Kivnivk collaborated with Erik Erikson in re-conceptualizing his theory of lifelong psychosocial development to permit psychosocial health at each stage of the life cycle. Kivnick develops, implements, and teaches direct practice modalities that promote psychosocial health in culturally divers communities. For the past 4 years she as been training and coaching AHEPA Management Company staff in the capacity-building principles and strategies of Vital Involvement Practice. She is co-developer of the Vital Involvement in Service Coordination Model. She has present the practice of VI at numerous nation venues including the Aging in America Conference in 2015, 2016 and 2017; The Creative Age: Global Perspectives

Vital Involvement​ can be defined as meaningful engagement with the world outside of self (Erikson et al., 1986: Kivnick & Stoffel, 2005)